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HAPI_ObjectInfo Struct Reference

#include <HAPI_Common.h>

Public Attributes

HAPI_StringHandle nameSH
HAPI_StringHandle objectInstancePathSH
HAPI_Bool hasTransformChanged
HAPI_Bool haveGeosChanged
HAPI_Bool isVisible
HAPI_Bool isInstancer
 See HAPI_Instancing. More...
HAPI_Bool isInstanced
int geoCount
HAPI_NodeId nodeId
HAPI_NodeId objectToInstanceId

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1128 of file HAPI_Common.h.

Member Data Documentation

int HAPI_ObjectInfo::geoCount

(deprecated) The number of geometries under this object. For those familiar with Houdini, this number will always include the one visible SOP and any SOPs that were exposed as "editable" or "templated". See HAPI_Geos.

Definition at line 1160 of file HAPI_Common.h.

HAPI_Bool HAPI_ObjectInfo::hasTransformChanged

For incremental updates. Indicates whether the object's transform has changed. Refreshed only during an asset cook.

Definition at line 1135 of file HAPI_Common.h.

HAPI_Bool HAPI_ObjectInfo::haveGeosChanged

For incremental updates. Indicates whether any of the object's geometry nodes have changed. Refreshed only during an asset cook.

Definition at line 1139 of file HAPI_Common.h.

HAPI_Bool HAPI_ObjectInfo::isInstanced

Determine if this object is being instanced. Normally, this implies that while this object may not be visible, it should still be brought into the host application because it is needed by an instancer. See HAPI_Instancing.

Definition at line 1154 of file HAPI_Common.h.

HAPI_Bool HAPI_ObjectInfo::isInstancer

See HAPI_Instancing.

Definition at line 1148 of file HAPI_Common.h.

HAPI_Bool HAPI_ObjectInfo::isVisible

Whether the object is hidden and should not be shown. Some objects should be hidden but still brought into the host environment, for example those used only for instancing. See HAPI_Instancing.

Definition at line 1145 of file HAPI_Common.h.

HAPI_StringHandle HAPI_ObjectInfo::nameSH

Definition at line 1130 of file HAPI_Common.h.

HAPI_NodeId HAPI_ObjectInfo::nodeId

Use the node id to get the node's parameters. Using the HDK, you can also get the raw node C++ pointer for this object's internal node. See HAPI_Nodes_Basics.

Definition at line 1166 of file HAPI_Common.h.

HAPI_StringHandle HAPI_ObjectInfo::objectInstancePathSH

Definition at line 1131 of file HAPI_Common.h.

HAPI_NodeId HAPI_ObjectInfo::objectToInstanceId

If the object is an instancer, this variable gives the object id of the object that should be instanced. See HAPI_Instancing.

Definition at line 1171 of file HAPI_Common.h.

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