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Downloads shotgun attachments

This node is used with a shared server created using a Shotgun Server Begin node.

For each downloaded attachment, a work item will be created with a Python Object attribute with the name "download". The value will be the path to the downloaded file.

See Shotgun.download_attachment for more details.


Work Item Generation

Whether this node generates static or dynamic work items. You should generally leave this set to "Automatic" unless you know the node’s work items can be computed statically, or that they need to be generated dynamically.


This node always creates dynamic work items: it waits until the upstream work items are known, and generates new work items from the upstream work items.


This node always creates static work items: it creates the number of work items it thinks it needs based on the parameters (and any upstream static items) before the network runs.


If the input is static (a static processor, or a partitioner with only static inputs, or a mapper), this node generates static work items, otherwise it generates dynamic work items.

Lookup By

The method used to retreive the attachment.


The ID of the attachment.


The attachment entity.

Download Path

The directory to save the downloaded file into.

Modify Filename

The filename of the downloaded file. If this is disabled, the original filename is used.

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