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A short film that celebrates the historical landing of the Rosetta space probe and explores the philosophical questions surrounding our place in the cosmos.

Frima Studio

Houdini for Games

Learn more about Houdini is playing a growing role in game development in this Quebec-based digital entertainment studio.

Sony Pictures Imageworks

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sony Pictures Imageworks (SPI) continues to bring audiences blockbuster movie effects as they introduce the villain Electro. Houdini played an integral role in bringing Electro to life creating a variety of VFX shots ranging from destruction, water, explosions and more.

Guerrilla Games

Killzone: Shadow Fall

In this latest release in the Killzone series, the effects work got much more ambitious and Houdini played a big part.

DreamWorks Animation

How to Train Your Dragon 2

In the second release of this How to Train Your Dragon series, DreamWorks creates an impressive display of VFX and destruction using Houdini.

Main Road | Post


Russian-based Main Road|Post runs the gamut with Houdini's VFX tools creating smoke, fire, crowds, destruction, and rendering in Stalingrad.

Transistor Studio


Japan's Transistor Studio create the look of hand drawn animation using CG techniques in a music video for Hidetake Takayama's "Express".

Robert Zeltsch / MovieBrats

Lost Place

Cold War era technology comes back to life in this tale about four high school students who stumble upon a top-secret military facility.

Prime Focus

White House Down

Prime Focus creates 326 VFX-heavy shots, depicting Washington DC under siege in White House Down.


Halo 4 Spartan Ops

An in-depth discussion with Axis' CG Supervisor Sergio Caires and Pipeline Supervisor Nicholas Pliatsikas about Mantra, facial rigging and more.


Kia Space Babies

Method creates an epic CG television commercial for the Super Bowl using a variety of visual effects elements including clouds, water, fur, smoke and fire.

Image Engine

Zero Dark Thirty

Image Engine creates explosive VFX and more in the film that documents the taking down of the world’s most wanted man.



Framestore delivers an impressive opening sequence in the latest James Bond film.


JBL: Ear of the Storm

Psyop unleashes the destructive power of Mother Nature in this spot created for JBL.

Storm Studios


Storm Studios takes to the high seas in Kon-Tiki, a real-life against-the-odds tale of a little raft that journeys across the Pacific Ocean.

Image Engine


Image Engine brings an explosive conclusion to a film adapted from a classic Milton-Bradley game.

Naughty Dog

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Taking the procedural approach, Naughty Dog delivers a whole new level of FX realism in the latest edition of the Uncharted series.

Electronic Arts


Leading game developer Electronic Arts takes Houdini to new heights in the latest release of their highly successful downhill snowboarding series.



ROBOT VFX uses Houdini to clearly demonstrate why it may not be such a good idea to swallow whole a live and very poisonous puffer-fish.

Kim Goossens

NHTV: Procedural Game Development

In this interview, NHTV Professor and CG artist Kim Goossens talks about Houdini's strength when applied to game development and how it is helping his students move on to the next level.

Reel FX

Rockettes Magical Journey: Humbugged

Reel FX integrates stereoscopic 3D into a live action Rockettes show for the holiday season.

Brigham-Young University

The Dream Giver

Brigham-Young University find success at the Emmy's with this well-crafted student project.


Lost Town of Świteź

Director Kamil Polak and Human-Ark complete what began as a grad project and deliver a highly polished piece to film festival circuit.

Blue Sky Studios


Learn about how Blue Sky Studios developed a comprehensive cloud system using Houdini for the movie Rio.


Toy Story 3

Pixar add Houdini to their pipeline to create stunning VFX in Toy Story 3

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