Generate credentials for API access

SideFX API is protected by an OAuth2 mechanism and requires you to first register your application with your user. So in order to use our API, you first need to generate your application credentials.

Go to


Click on “Manage applications authentication” in the Developers API section.

You’ll be presented with the list of applications that can access SideFX API services.


Click on “Register a new application” to register a new application.

The registration form will be pre-populated with random values for the application ID and secret.


Make sure the form has the following values:

  • provide a name for your application

  • you may keep the randomly generated Client ID value (recommended)

  • you may keep the randomly generated Client secret value (recommended)

  • set the Client type to confidential

  • set the Authorization grant type to Authorization code

  • provide a redirect url for your app ( for instance)

Then click Save to register your application.

You’ll be presented with a recap of your application


Keep the Client id and secret as you’ll need these to access the API with your application.