License API

API methods

The license API let you generate non-commercial license keys

license.get_non_commercial_license(server_name, server_code, version, products)

Returns licenses and server keys for a non commercial product. It requires the following parameters:


Your server name


Your server code


The major version of Houdini, e.g. 16.5, 17.0


A list of non-commercial products you want to generate licenses for. Could be a single product like 'HOUDINI-NC' or a comma-separated list like 'HOUDINI-NC;RENDER-NC'. Possible options are HOUDINI-NC or RENDER-NC.

Example return value:

    'license_keys': [
        'LICENSE Generic Houdini-Master-NonCommercial 17.0 1 02-dec-2018 +.+.+.+ servername bbcfa4a7 GSqzOS7ps8hyVsEgShoL6uxLNotvITbmK7Zi8u5fBe5N5jsdrSIWPW6fKs2sGZhw7z@+UN9a6MXY80'
    'server_key': 'SERVER servername 12345678 254877f2ae435a00f7d3e0659c4767c1cf47b9ab2316f'

API usage example

Here is a python example showing how to retrieve the latest linux daily build using our python library (see: Python Reference Implementation), you first need to download the file:

import sidefx

if __name__ == '__main__':
    # Relevant part of the example starts here.

    # This service object retrieve a token using your Application ID and secret
    service = sidefx.service(
        client_id='your OAuth application ID',
        client_secret_key='your OAuth application secret',

    license_strings = service.license.get_non_commercial_license(
        server_name='servername', server_code='12345678', version='17.0', products='HOUDINI-NC')