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GU_EdgeMesh.h File Reference
#include "GU_API.h"
#include "GU_Detail.h"
#include <UT/UT_Array.h>
#include <UT/UT_Map.h>
#include <UT/UT_Set.h>
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class  gu_EMSolveCache< T >
 Forward-declaration of the internal cache class. More...
class  GU_EdgeMeshBase< T >
 This base class implements the low-level solve routines for GU_EdgeMesh. More...
class  GU_EdgeMesh< T >


 GU_EXTERN_TEMPLATE (GU_EdgeMeshBase< fpreal32 >)
 GU_EXTERN_TEMPLATE (GU_EdgeMeshBase< fpreal64 >)
 GU_EXTERN_TEMPLATE (GU_EdgeMesh< fpreal32 >)
 GU_EXTERN_TEMPLATE (GU_EdgeMesh< fpreal64 >)

Function Documentation

GU_EXTERN_TEMPLATE ( GU_EdgeMeshBase< fpreal32 )
GU_EXTERN_TEMPLATE ( GU_EdgeMeshBase< fpreal64 )
GU_EXTERN_TEMPLATE ( GU_EdgeMesh< fpreal32 )
GU_EXTERN_TEMPLATE ( GU_EdgeMesh< fpreal64 )