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Building DOP Microsolvers from GAS_SubSolver


One of the most common types of solvers are the microsolvers associated with fluid simulations. Each microsolver is designed to perform one stage of a fluid simulation.

These solvers do not have to be limited to fluid dynamics, however, as the general idea can be applied to any separable dynamic system.

While any SIM_Data that derives from SIM_Solver can be part of a solve chain for a DOP Object, the GAS_SubSolver provides a useful collection of methods useful for writing solvers that operate on one object at a time and manipulate the field and geometry of an object.


When deriving from GAS_SubSolver several steps must be performed.

Gas SubSolver Examples

An example of a simple gas sub solver that adds two fields together can be seen with SIM/SIM_GasAdd.C and SIM/SIM_GasAdd.h.