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Metadata.h File Reference
#include "version.h"
#include "Exceptions.h"
#include "Types.h"
#include "math/Math.h"
#include "util/Name.h"
#include <cstdint>
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
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class  openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::Metadata
 Base class for storing metadata information in a grid. More...
class  openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::UnknownMetadata
 Subclass to hold raw data of an unregistered type. More...
class  openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::TypedMetadata< T >
 Templated metadata class to hold specific types. More...




using openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::BoolMetadata = TypedMetadata< bool >
using openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::DoubleMetadata = TypedMetadata< double >
using openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::FloatMetadata = TypedMetadata< float >
using openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::Int32Metadata = TypedMetadata< int32_t >
using openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::Int64Metadata = TypedMetadata< int64_t >
using openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::StringMetadata = TypedMetadata< std::string >
using openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::Vec2DMetadata = TypedMetadata< Vec2d >
using openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::Vec2IMetadata = TypedMetadata< Vec2i >
using openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::Vec2SMetadata = TypedMetadata< Vec2s >
using openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::Vec3DMetadata = TypedMetadata< Vec3d >
using openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::Vec3IMetadata = TypedMetadata< Vec3i >
using openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::Vec3SMetadata = TypedMetadata< Vec3s >
using openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::Vec4DMetadata = TypedMetadata< Vec4d >
using openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::Vec4IMetadata = TypedMetadata< Vec4i >
using openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::Vec4SMetadata = TypedMetadata< Vec4s >
using openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::Mat4SMetadata = TypedMetadata< Mat4s >
using openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::Mat4DMetadata = TypedMetadata< Mat4d >


std::ostream & openvdb::OPENVDB_VERSION_NAME::operator<< (std::ostream &ostr, const Metadata &metadata)
 Write a Metadata to an output stream. More...