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OBJ_Shared.h File Reference
#include "OBJ_API.h"
#include <UT/UT_Assert.h>
#include <PRM/PRM_Default.h>
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class  obj_SwitcherBuilder


#define SET_DECL_SWITCHER(builder, switcher)   obj_SwitcherBuilder builder(switcher, sizeof(switcher)/sizeof(PRM_Default));
#define SET_PUSH_SWITCHER(builder)   builder.push();
#define SET_FOLDER(label)   obj_SwitcherBuilder::folder(label);
#define SET_POP_SWITCHER()   obj_SwitcherBuilder::finish();
#define SET_TPLATE(src, idx)   theTemplate[i] = src[idx]; i++; obj_SwitcherBuilder::add();
#define SET_TPLATE_NOINC(src, idx)   theTemplate[i] = src[idx]; i++;
#define SET_ADDED_TPLATE()   obj_SwitcherBuilder::add();
#define SET_TPLATE_EX(src, idx)


OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJbaseObsolete []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJboneObsolete []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJdopnetObsolete []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJgeoObsolete []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJcamObsolete []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJfogObsolete []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJambientObsolete []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJlightObsolete []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJfetchObsolete []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJsoundObsolete []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJmicrophoneObsolete []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJhandleObsolete []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJblendObsolete []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJbaseTemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJgeoTemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJnullTemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJboneTemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJcamSwitchTemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJstereoCameraTemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJambientTemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJfogTemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJhandleTemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJblendTemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJsoundTemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJmicrophoneTemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJsubnetTemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJfetchTemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJextractgeoTemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJstickyTemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJstickyBlendTemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJstickySharedTemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJdopnetTemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJrivetTemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJmuscleTemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJbaseITemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJgeoITemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJnullITemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJboneITemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJcamSwitchITemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJstereoCameraITemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJambientITemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJfogITemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJhandleITemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJblendITemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJsoundITemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJmicrophoneITemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJsubnetITemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJfetchITemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJstickyITemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJstickySharedITemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJstickyBlendITemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJdopnetITemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJrivetITemplate []
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJmuscleITemplate []
OBJ_API const char * displaySopToken
OBJ_API const char * renderSopToken
OBJ_API const char * boundingBoxToken
OBJ_API const char * boundingSphereToken
OBJ_API const char * input1ObjectToken
OBJ_API const char * input2ObjectToken
OBJ_API const char * input3ObjectToken
OBJ_API const char * input4ObjectToken

Macro Definition Documentation

#define SET_ADDED_TPLATE ( )    obj_SwitcherBuilder::add();

Definition at line 120 of file OBJ_Shared.h.

#define SET_DECL_SWITCHER (   builder,
)    obj_SwitcherBuilder builder(switcher, sizeof(switcher)/sizeof(PRM_Default));

Definition at line 111 of file OBJ_Shared.h.

#define SET_FOLDER (   label)    obj_SwitcherBuilder::folder(label);

Definition at line 114 of file OBJ_Shared.h.

#define SET_POP_SWITCHER ( )    obj_SwitcherBuilder::finish();

Definition at line 115 of file OBJ_Shared.h.

#define SET_PUSH_SWITCHER (   builder)    builder.push();

Definition at line 113 of file OBJ_Shared.h.

#define SET_TPLATE (   src,
)    theTemplate[i] = src[idx]; i++; obj_SwitcherBuilder::add();

Definition at line 116 of file OBJ_Shared.h.

#define SET_TPLATE_EX (   src,
theTemplate[i] = src[idx]; \
theTemplate[i].setExportLevel(PRM_Template::PRM_EXPORT_TBX); i++;
static void add()
Definition: OBJ_Shared.h:69
GLenum src
Definition: glcorearb.h:1793

Definition at line 121 of file OBJ_Shared.h.

#define SET_TPLATE_NOINC (   src,
)    theTemplate[i] = src[idx]; i++;

Definition at line 118 of file OBJ_Shared.h.

Variable Documentation

OBJ_API const char* boundingBoxToken
OBJ_API const char* boundingSphereToken
OBJ_API const char* displaySopToken
OBJ_API const char* input1ObjectToken
OBJ_API const char* input2ObjectToken
OBJ_API const char* input3ObjectToken
OBJ_API const char* input4ObjectToken
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJambientITemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJambientObsolete[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJambientTemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJbaseITemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJbaseObsolete[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJbaseTemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJblendITemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJblendObsolete[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJblendTemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJboneITemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJboneObsolete[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJboneTemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJcamObsolete[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJcamSwitchITemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJcamSwitchTemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJdopnetITemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJdopnetObsolete[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJdopnetTemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJextractgeoTemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJfetchITemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJfetchObsolete[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJfetchTemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJfogITemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJfogObsolete[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJfogTemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJgeoITemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJgeoObsolete[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJgeoTemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJhandleITemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJhandleObsolete[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJhandleTemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJlightObsolete[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJmicrophoneITemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJmicrophoneObsolete[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJmicrophoneTemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJmuscleITemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJmuscleTemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJnullITemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJnullTemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJrivetITemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJrivetTemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJsoundITemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJsoundObsolete[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJsoundTemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJstereoCameraITemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJstereoCameraTemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJstickyBlendITemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJstickyBlendTemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJstickyITemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJstickySharedITemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJstickySharedTemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJstickyTemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJsubnetITemplate[]
OBJ_API PRM_Template OBJsubnetTemplate[]
OBJ_API const char* renderSopToken