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SYS_AtomicImpl.h File Reference
#include "SYS_Deprecated.h"
#include "SYS_Inline.h"
#include "SYS_MemoryOrder.h"
#include "SYS_StaticAssert.h"
#include "SYS_Types.h"
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#define SYS_ATOMIC_INLINE   inline


template<typename T >
SYS_AtomicImpl::test_and_set (T *addr, T val)
template<typename T >
SYS_AtomicImpl::test_and_add (T *addr, T val)
template<typename T >
SYS_AtomicImpl::compare_and_swap (volatile T *addr, T oldval, T newval)

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#define SYS_ATOMIC_INLINE   inline

Definition at line 34 of file SYS_AtomicImpl.h.