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SYS_IO.h File Reference
#include "SYS_API.h"
#include <unistd.h>
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SYS_API bool SYSisatty (int fd)
 Platform-independent version of isatty() More...
SYS_API bool SYSisStdinTTY ()
 Synonym for SYSisatty(fileno(stdin)) More...
SYS_API bool SYSisStdoutTTY ()
 Synonym for SYSisatty(fileno(stdout)) More...
SYS_API bool SYSisStderrTTY ()
 Synonym for SYSisatty(fileno(stderr)) More...

Function Documentation

SYS_API bool SYSisatty ( int  fd)

Platform-independent version of isatty()

SYS_API bool SYSisStderrTTY ( )

Synonym for SYSisatty(fileno(stderr))

SYS_API bool SYSisStdinTTY ( )

Synonym for SYSisatty(fileno(stdin))

SYS_API bool SYSisStdoutTTY ( )

Synonym for SYSisatty(fileno(stdout))