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UT_Erf.h File Reference
#include "UT_API.h"
#include <SYS/SYS_Types.h>
#include "UT_Complex.h"
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UT_API UT_Complex UTdawson (const UT_Complex &z, int niters=35)
UT_API fpreal UTerf (fpreal x)
 Returns the evaluation of erf(x), where x is real-valued. More...
UT_API UT_Complex UTerf (const UT_Complex &z, fpreal eps=1e-15, int niters=1000)
UT_API UT_Complex UTerfi (fpreal x)
 Returns the evaluation of erfi(x). More...

Function Documentation

UT_API UT_Complex UTdawson ( const UT_Complex z,
int  niters = 35 

Returns the value of Dawson's function:

F(x) = exp(-x^2) * int(exp(y^2), y, 0, x).

evaluated in the complex plane. Accuracy increases as niters increases. Note that niters must be odd.

UT_API fpreal UTerf ( fpreal  x)

Returns the evaluation of erf(x), where x is real-valued.

UT_API UT_Complex UTerf ( const UT_Complex z,
fpreal  eps = 1e-15,
int  niters = 1000 

Returns the evaluation of erf(z) given a very small number, eps, which controls the accuracy of the result, and an upper bound on the number of iterations allowed, niters. This function evaluates a continued fraction representation of erf.

UT_API UT_Complex UTerfi ( fpreal  x)

Returns the evaluation of erfi(x).