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UT_HDKVersion.h File Reference
#include "UT_API.h"
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#define HDK_API_VERSION   20000520


UT_API unsigned UTgetHDKAPIVersion ()

Macro Definition Documentation

#define HDK_API_VERSION   20000520

Macro that specifies the HDK API version.

This monotonically increasing value is updated to the last Houdini version with known ABI incompatibilities. Typically, this will be set on every major release and only occasionally on releases within a X.Y version.

Note this does not include stub versions, so one should assume ABI is incompatible between stub versions (16.0.459.3 -> 16.0.459.4).

This number is only updated after release. If you are using alpha or beta versions, you should assume ABI is always incompatible.

The format is a packed 8 digit integer consisting of version of Houdini when the API was last changed: ("%02d%02d%04d", major, minor, build) See the corresponding SYS_VERSION_* defines in SYS_Version.h.


// If using the HDK since the API change from Houdini 15.5.499
#if HDK_API_VERSION >= 15050499

Definition at line 41 of file UT_HDKVersion.h.

Function Documentation

UT_API unsigned UTgetHDKAPIVersion ( )

Returns the runtime HDK API version. This can be used by plugins to warn or error if running in an unsupported Houdini version.