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UT_PerformanceThread.h File Reference
#include "UT_API.h"
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UT_API bool UTperformanceIsRecordingThreadStats ()
 Determine if we're currently recording thread stats. More...
UT_API int UTperformanceStartTaskScope (const UT_TaskScope *task_scope)
UT_API void UTperformanceStopTaskScope (const UT_TaskScope *task_scope, int event_id)

Detailed Description

This include provides a light weight way to record thread stats without pulling in the full UT_Performance.h include.

Definition in file UT_PerformanceThread.h.

Function Documentation

UT_API bool UTperformanceIsRecordingThreadStats ( )

Determine if we're currently recording thread stats.

UT_API int UTperformanceStartTaskScope ( const UT_TaskScope task_scope)
UT_API void UTperformanceStopTaskScope ( const UT_TaskScope task_scope,
int  event_id