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VOP_CustomContext.h File Reference
#include <SOP/SOP_Node.h>
#include <VOP/VOP_Node.h>
#include <OP/OP_OperatorTable.h>
#include <SYS/SYS_Types.h>
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class  HDK_Sample::SOP_CustomVopOperatorFilter
class  HDK_Sample::SOP_CustomVop
 C++ SOP node to provide the custom VOP context. More...
class  HDK_Sample::VOP_CustomVop
 C++ VOP node to select one of its inputs and feed it into the output. More...


 This namespace is used to hold all HDK example source code.

Detailed Description

This example contains code which shows how to create a custom VOP SOP in the HDK. The custom VOP nodes within can dynamically change their inputs and outputs. For simplicity, the Custom VOP SOP does not generate any geometry.

Definition in file VOP_CustomContext.h.