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ArResolverContextBinder Class Reference

#include <resolverContextBinder.h>

Public Member Functions

AR_API ArResolverContextBinder (const ArResolverContext &context)
AR_API ArResolverContextBinder (ArResolver *assetResolver, const ArResolverContext &context)
AR_API ~ArResolverContextBinder ()

Detailed Description

Helper object for managing the binding and unbinding of ArResolverContext objects with the asset resolver.

Context binding and unbinding are thread-specific. If you bind a context in a thread, that binding will only be visible to that thread. See Resolver Contexts for more details.

See Also
Asset Resolver Context Operations

Definition at line 48 of file resolverContextBinder.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AR_API ArResolverContextBinder::ArResolverContextBinder ( const ArResolverContext context)

Bind the given context with the asset resolver.

Calls ArResolver::BindContext on the configured asset resolver and saves the bindingData populated by that function.

AR_API ArResolverContextBinder::ArResolverContextBinder ( ArResolver assetResolver,
const ArResolverContext context 

Bind the given context to the given assetResolver.

Calls ArResolver::BindContext on the given assetResolver and saves the bindingData populated by that function.

AR_API ArResolverContextBinder::~ArResolverContextBinder ( )

Unbinds the context specified in the constructor of this object from the asset resolver.

Calls ArResolver::UnbindContext on the asset resolver that was bound to originally, passing the saved bindingData to that function.

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