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ArResolverContextBinder Class Reference

#include <resolverContextBinder.h>

Public Member Functions

AR_API ArResolverContextBinder (const ArResolverContext &context)
AR_API ArResolverContextBinder (ArResolver *assetResolver, const ArResolverContext &context)
AR_API ~ArResolverContextBinder ()

Detailed Description

Helper object for managing the binding and unbinding of ArResolverContext objects with the asset resolver.

See Also
Asset Resolver Context Operations

Definition at line 44 of file resolverContextBinder.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AR_API ArResolverContextBinder::ArResolverContextBinder ( const ArResolverContext context)

Bind the given context with the asset resolver.

Calls ArResolver::BindContext on the configured asset resolver and saves the bindingData populated by that function.

AR_API ArResolverContextBinder::ArResolverContextBinder ( ArResolver assetResolver,
const ArResolverContext context 

Bind the given context to the given assetResolver.

Calls ArResolver::BindContext on the given assetResolver and saves the bindingData populated by that function.

AR_API ArResolverContextBinder::~ArResolverContextBinder ( )

Unbinds the context specified in the constructor of this object from the asset resolver.

Calls ArResolver::UnbindContext on the asset resolver that was bound to originally, passing the saved bindingData to that function.

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