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HOM_ik Member List

This is the complete list of members for HOM_ik, including all inherited members.

__repr__()=0HOM_ikpure virtual
_newSkeleton()=0HOM_ikpure virtual
_newTarget(HOM_ik_Joint *joint, const HOM_Matrix4 &goal_transform, const HOM_Matrix4 &joint_offset, const HOM_EnumValue &target_type, double weight, int priority, int depth)=0HOM_ikpure virtual
solveFBIK(HOM_ik_Skeleton &skeleton, const std::vector< HOM_ik_Target * > &targets, int iters=30, double tolerance=SYS_Types< double >::tolerance(), bool pin_root=false)=0HOM_ikpure virtual
solvePhysFBIK(HOM_ik_Skeleton &skeleton, const std::vector< HOM_ik_Target * > &targets, HOM_ik_Target *com_target=nullptr, int iters=30, double damping=0.5, double tolerance=SYS_Types< double >::tolerance())=0HOM_ikpure virtual