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KIN_Chain Member List

This is the complete list of members for KIN_Chain, including all inherited members.

constrain(int index, int axis, fpreal angle, fpreal step) const KIN_Chain
copyFrom(const KIN_Chain &src)KIN_Chain
copySubChain(const KIN_Chain &src, int from, int to)KIN_Chain
getBone(int index) const KIN_Chaininline
getBoneRotateMatrix(int index) const KIN_Chain
getBoneRotates(int index, fpreal *r) const KIN_Chain
getBoneStates(UT_Matrix4R *xforms) const KIN_Chain
getEndPosition(UT_Vector3R &result) const KIN_Chain
getLength() const KIN_Chain
getMemoryUsage(bool inclusive) const KIN_Chaininline
getNbones() const KIN_Chain
KIN_Chain(int num_bones)KIN_Chain
KIN_Chain(const KIN_Chain &copy_from)KIN_Chain
setBoneRotate(int index, int axis, fpreal r)KIN_Chain
setBoneRotateMatrix(int index, const UT_Matrix3R &m)KIN_Chain
setBoneRotates(int index, const fpreal *r)KIN_Chain
setBoneRotates(int index, const fpreal *deg, const fpreal *rads)KIN_Chain
setConstraint(int index, fpreal rest[3], fpreal xrange[2], fpreal yrange[2], fpreal zrange[2], fpreal damp[3], fpreal roll[3])KIN_Chain
setNbones(int bones)KIN_Chain
solve(const UT_StringHolder &type, const void *parms, KIN_Chain &solution)KIN_Chain
updateBone(int index, fpreal length, fpreal *rot, fpreal damp, const UT_Matrix4R &xform, const void *data)KIN_Chain