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SIM_DataFilterRootData Class Reference

#include <SIM_DataFilter.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for SIM_DataFilterRootData:

Public Member Functions

 SIM_DataFilterRootData (const char *filterstr)
 ~SIM_DataFilterRootData () override
 SIM_DataFilterRootData (const SIM_DataFilterRootData &src)
bool acceptData (const SIM_Data *data, const char *dataname) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SIM_DataFilter
 SIM_DataFilter ()
virtual ~SIM_DataFilter ()
 SIM_DataFilter (const SIM_DataFilter &)

Detailed Description

This class is specific to filtering SIM_RootData and its subclasses, SIM_Relationship and SIM_Object.


Definition at line 282 of file SIM_DataFilter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SIM_DataFilterRootData::SIM_DataFilterRootData ( const char *  filterstr)

Definition at line 285 of file SIM_DataFilter.h.

SIM_DataFilterRootData::~SIM_DataFilterRootData ( )

Definition at line 290 of file SIM_DataFilter.h.

SIM_DataFilterRootData::SIM_DataFilterRootData ( const SIM_DataFilterRootData src)

Definition at line 292 of file SIM_DataFilter.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool SIM_DataFilterRootData::acceptData ( const SIM_Data data,
const char *  dataname 
) const

Compares the rootdata to the string passed to the constructor. An rootdata is accepted if its name or id appears in the string, or if the string contains the name of a group to which the rootdata belongs.

Implements SIM_DataFilter.

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