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SdfRelocatesMapProxyValuePolicy Class Reference

#include <proxyPolicies.h>

Public Types

typedef std::map< SdfPath,
typedef Type::key_type key_type
typedef Type::mapped_type mapped_type
typedef Type::value_type value_type

Static Public Member Functions

static SDF_API Type CanonicalizeType (const SdfSpecHandle &v, const Type &x)
static SDF_API key_type CanonicalizeKey (const SdfSpecHandle &v, const key_type &x)
static SDF_API mapped_type CanonicalizeValue (const SdfSpecHandle &v, const mapped_type &x)
static SDF_API value_type CanonicalizePair (const SdfSpecHandle &v, const value_type &x)

Detailed Description

Map edit proxy value policy for relocates maps. This absolutizes all paths.

Definition at line 221 of file proxyPolicies.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 224 of file proxyPolicies.h.

Definition at line 225 of file proxyPolicies.h.

Definition at line 223 of file proxyPolicies.h.

Definition at line 226 of file proxyPolicies.h.

Member Function Documentation

static SDF_API key_type SdfRelocatesMapProxyValuePolicy::CanonicalizeKey ( const SdfSpecHandle &  v,
const key_type x 
static SDF_API value_type SdfRelocatesMapProxyValuePolicy::CanonicalizePair ( const SdfSpecHandle &  v,
const value_type x 
static SDF_API Type SdfRelocatesMapProxyValuePolicy::CanonicalizeType ( const SdfSpecHandle &  v,
const Type x 
static SDF_API mapped_type SdfRelocatesMapProxyValuePolicy::CanonicalizeValue ( const SdfSpecHandle &  v,
const mapped_type x 

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