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UT_Color Member List

This is the complete list of members for UT_Color, including all inherited members.

addHSV(const UT_Color &clr)UT_Color
addRGB(const UT_Color &clr)UT_Color
assignRandomLuminance(UT_Vector3 &color)UT_Colorprotectedstatic
blendRGB(const UT_Color &clr, fpreal bias=0.5)UT_Color
brighten(fpreal amount)UT_Color
buildMonoRamp(UT_MonoRamp ramp)UT_Colorstatic
buildRamp(UT_ColorRamp ramp)UT_Colorstatic
className() const UT_Colorinline
convertToType(UT_ColorType type)UT_Colorprotected
copyGhosted(fpreal gfactor=0.75f) const UT_Color
copyWithGamma(fpreal gamma) const UT_Color
gamma(fpreal gamma)UT_Color
getColor(UT_Color &c) const UT_Colorinline
getColorTemperature(fpreal temp)UT_Colorstatic
getConstantColor(int i)UT_Colorstatic
getHSL(float *h, float *s, float *l) const UT_Color
getHSV(float *h, float *s, float *v) const UT_Color
getLAB(float *l, float *a, float *b) const UT_Color
getRampColor(UT_ColorRamp ramp, fpreal val, float *r, float *g, float *b)UT_Colorstatic
getRampColorName(UT_ColorRamp ramp)UT_Colorstatic
getRandomContrastingColor(const UT_Vector3 *contrast_to, unsigned color_index, UT_Vector3 &color)UT_Colorstatic
getRGB(float *r, float *g, float *b) const UT_Colorinline
getRGBConvert(float *r, float *g, float *b) const UT_Colorprotected
getTMI(float *t, float *m, float *i) const UT_Color
getType() const UT_Colorinline
getUniqueColor(int64 idx, float *r, float *g, float *b)UT_Colorstatic
getValue(float &x, float &y, float &z) const UT_Colorinline
getValue(fpreal64 &x, fpreal64 &y, fpreal64 &z) const UT_Colorinline
getXYZ(float *x, float *y, float *z) const UT_Color
ghost(fpreal gfactor=0.75f)UT_Color
hash() const UT_Color
load(UT_IStream &is)UT_Color
load(UT_JSONParser &p)UT_Color
luminance() const UT_Color
operator!=(const UT_Color &c) const UT_Colorinline
operator<(const UT_Color &b) const UT_Color
operator<<(std::ostream &os, const UT_Color &color)UT_Colorfriend
operator=(const UT_Color &c)UT_Color
operator==(const UT_Color &color) const UT_Color
relativeLuminance() const UT_Color
rgb() const UT_Color
save(std::ostream &os, int binary) const UT_Color
save(UT_JSONWriter &w) const UT_Color
save(UT_JSONValue &v) const UT_Color
saveMinimalAsText(std::ostream &os) const UT_Color
setColorByName(const char *colorname)UT_Color
setHSL(fpreal h, fpreal s, fpreal l)UT_Color
setHSV(fpreal h, fpreal s, fpreal v)UT_Color
setLAB(fpreal l, fpreal a, fpreal b)UT_Color
setLABluminance(fpreal l)UT_Color
setRGB(UT_Vector3F c)UT_Color
setRGB(UT_Vector3D c)UT_Color
setRGB(fpreal r, fpreal g, fpreal b)UT_Color
setTMI(fpreal t, fpreal m, fpreal i)UT_Color
setType(UT_ColorType t)UT_Color
setUnique(int64 idx)UT_Color
setValue(fpreal x, fpreal y, fpreal z)UT_Colorinline
setXYZ(fpreal x, fpreal y, fpreal z)UT_Color
subRGB(const UT_Color &clr)UT_Color
tintRGB(const UT_Color &clr)UT_Color
UT_Color(UT_ColorType t)UT_Color
UT_Color(UT_ColorType t, fpreal x, fpreal y, fpreal z)UT_Color
UT_Color(const UT_Color &c)UT_Color
UT_Color(const char *colorname)UT_Colorexplicit