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UT_Color Class Reference

#include <UT_Color.h>

Public Member Functions

 UT_Color ()
 UT_Color (UT_ColorType t)
 UT_Color (UT_ColorType t, fpreal x, fpreal y, fpreal z)
 UT_Color (const UT_Color &c)
 UT_Color (const char *colorname)
 ~UT_Color ()
UT_ColorType getType () const
void getValue (float &x, float &y, float &z) const
void getValue (fpreal64 &x, fpreal64 &y, fpreal64 &z) const
void getRGB (float *r, float *g, float *b) const
void getHSV (float *h, float *s, float *v) const
void getHSL (float *h, float *s, float *l) const
void getXYZ (float *x, float *y, float *z) const
void getLAB (float *l, float *a, float *b) const
void getTMI (float *t, float *m, float *i) const
void getColor (UT_Color &c) const
UT_Vector3F rgb () const
void setRGB (UT_Vector3F c)
void setRGB (UT_Vector3D c)
fpreal luminance () const
fpreal relativeLuminance () const
void setType (UT_ColorType t)
void setValue (fpreal x, fpreal y, fpreal z)
void setRGB (fpreal r, fpreal g, fpreal b)
void setHSV (fpreal h, fpreal s, fpreal v)
void setHSL (fpreal h, fpreal s, fpreal l)
void setXYZ (fpreal x, fpreal y, fpreal z)
void setLAB (fpreal l, fpreal a, fpreal b)
void setLABluminance (fpreal l)
void setTMI (fpreal t, fpreal m, fpreal i)
void setUnique (int64 idx)
void setColorByName (const char *colorname)
void clampToLegal ()
void ghost (fpreal gfactor=0.75f)
UT_Color copyGhosted (fpreal gfactor=0.75f) const
void operator= (const UT_Color &c)
int operator== (const UT_Color &color) const
int operator!= (const UT_Color &c) const
bool operator< (const UT_Color &b) const
uint32 hash () const
void brighten (fpreal amount)
void tintRGB (const UT_Color &clr)
void addHSV (const UT_Color &clr)
void addRGB (const UT_Color &clr)
void subRGB (const UT_Color &clr)
UT_Color copyWithGamma (fpreal gamma) const
void gamma (fpreal gamma)
void blendRGB (const UT_Color &clr, fpreal bias=0.5)
int save (std::ostream &os, int binary) const
void saveMinimalAsText (std::ostream &os) const
bool load (UT_IStream &is)
const char * className () const
bool save (UT_JSONWriter &w) const
bool save (UT_JSONValue &v) const
bool load (UT_JSONParser &p)

Static Public Member Functions

static void getRampColor (UT_ColorRamp ramp, fpreal val, float *r, float *g, float *b)
 Computes a ramp colour from the predefined ramp enums. More...
static const char * getRampColorName (UT_ColorRamp ramp)
 Return the name of the ramp colour. More...
static UT_RampbuildRamp (UT_ColorRamp ramp)
 Builds a UT_Ramp to correspond to the given internal ramp. More...
static UT_RampbuildMonoRamp (UT_MonoRamp ramp)
static void getUniqueColor (int64 idx, float *r, float *g, float *b)
static const UT_ColorgetConstantColor (int i)
static UT_Color getColorTemperature (fpreal temp)
static void getRandomContrastingColor (const UT_Vector3 *contrast_to, unsigned color_index, UT_Vector3 &color)

Protected Member Functions

void convertToType (UT_ColorType type)
void convertToHSL ()
void convertToHSV ()
void convertToRGB ()
void convertToXYZ ()
void convertToLAB ()
void convertToTMI ()
void getRGBConvert (float *r, float *g, float *b) const

Static Protected Member Functions

static void assignRandomLuminance (UT_Vector3 &color)

Protected Attributes

UT_ColorType type
float u
float v
float w


UT_API std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const UT_Color &color)

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

UT_Color::UT_Color ( )
UT_Color::UT_Color ( UT_ColorType  t)
UT_Color::UT_Color ( UT_ColorType  t,
fpreal  x,
fpreal  y,
fpreal  z 
UT_Color::UT_Color ( const UT_Color c)
UT_Color::UT_Color ( const char *  colorname)
UT_Color::~UT_Color ( )

Member Function Documentation

void UT_Color::addHSV ( const UT_Color clr)
void UT_Color::addRGB ( const UT_Color clr)
static void UT_Color::assignRandomLuminance ( UT_Vector3 color)
void UT_Color::blendRGB ( const UT_Color clr,
fpreal  bias = 0.5 
void UT_Color::brighten ( fpreal  amount)
static UT_Ramp* UT_Color::buildMonoRamp ( UT_MonoRamp  ramp)
static UT_Ramp* UT_Color::buildRamp ( UT_ColorRamp  ramp)

Builds a UT_Ramp to correspond to the given internal ramp.

void UT_Color::clampToLegal ( )
const char* UT_Color::className ( ) const

Definition at line 182 of file UT_Color.h.

void UT_Color::convertToHSL ( )
void UT_Color::convertToHSV ( )
void UT_Color::convertToLAB ( )
void UT_Color::convertToRGB ( )
void UT_Color::convertToTMI ( )
void UT_Color::convertToType ( UT_ColorType  type)
void UT_Color::convertToXYZ ( )
UT_Color UT_Color::copyGhosted ( fpreal  gfactor = 0.75f) const
UT_Color UT_Color::copyWithGamma ( fpreal  gamma) const
void UT_Color::gamma ( fpreal  gamma)
void UT_Color::getColor ( UT_Color c) const

Definition at line 113 of file UT_Color.h.

static UT_Color UT_Color::getColorTemperature ( fpreal  temp)
static const UT_Color& UT_Color::getConstantColor ( int  i)
void UT_Color::getHSL ( float h,
float s,
float l 
) const
void UT_Color::getHSV ( float h,
float s,
float v 
) const
void UT_Color::getLAB ( float l,
float a,
float b 
) const
static void UT_Color::getRampColor ( UT_ColorRamp  ramp,
fpreal  val,
float r,
float g,
float b 

Computes a ramp colour from the predefined ramp enums.

static const char* UT_Color::getRampColorName ( UT_ColorRamp  ramp)

Return the name of the ramp colour.

static void UT_Color::getRandomContrastingColor ( const UT_Vector3 contrast_to,
unsigned  color_index,
UT_Vector3 color 

Obtain a random color that is contrasting to the specified other color. If null is passed for other color, a random color is returned.

void UT_Color::getRGB ( float r,
float g,
float b 
) const

Definition at line 101 of file UT_Color.h.

void UT_Color::getRGBConvert ( float r,
float g,
float b 
) const
void UT_Color::getTMI ( float t,
float m,
float i 
) const
UT_ColorType UT_Color::getType ( ) const

Definition at line 95 of file UT_Color.h.

static void UT_Color::getUniqueColor ( int64  idx,
float r,
float g,
float b 

A mapping from integers to colours that tries to ensure that the chosen colours are well separated and aesthetically pleasing.

void UT_Color::getValue ( float x,
float y,
float z 
) const

Definition at line 97 of file UT_Color.h.

void UT_Color::getValue ( fpreal64 x,
fpreal64 y,
fpreal64 z 
) const

Definition at line 99 of file UT_Color.h.

void UT_Color::getXYZ ( float x,
float y,
float z 
) const
void UT_Color::ghost ( fpreal  gfactor = 0.75f)
uint32 UT_Color::hash ( ) const
bool UT_Color::load ( UT_IStream is)
bool UT_Color::load ( UT_JSONParser p)

Methods to serialize to a JSON stream. The color is stored as a map:

"type" : "color space",
"data" : [ x, y, z, ... ]
fpreal UT_Color::luminance ( ) const

luminance() actually returns "luma", an approximation of luminance derived from the gamma corrected rgb values. So if you have linear rgb values and call this function, you will get the wrong result.

int UT_Color::operator!= ( const UT_Color c) const

Definition at line 149 of file UT_Color.h.

bool UT_Color::operator< ( const UT_Color b) const
void UT_Color::operator= ( const UT_Color c)
int UT_Color::operator== ( const UT_Color color) const
fpreal UT_Color::relativeLuminance ( ) const

relativeLuminance() returns relative luminance [0,1] assuming the color is in linear RGB.

UT_Vector3F UT_Color::rgb ( ) const
int UT_Color::save ( std::ostream &  os,
int  binary 
) const
bool UT_Color::save ( UT_JSONWriter w) const

Methods to serialize to a JSON stream. The color is stored as a map:

"type" : "color space",
"data" : [ x, y, z, ... ]
bool UT_Color::save ( UT_JSONValue v) const

Methods to serialize to a JSON stream. The color is stored as a map:

"type" : "color space",
"data" : [ x, y, z, ... ]
void UT_Color::saveMinimalAsText ( std::ostream &  os) const
void UT_Color::setColorByName ( const char *  colorname)
void UT_Color::setHSL ( fpreal  h,
fpreal  s,
fpreal  l 
void UT_Color::setHSV ( fpreal  h,
fpreal  s,
fpreal  v 
void UT_Color::setLAB ( fpreal  l,
fpreal  a,
fpreal  b 
void UT_Color::setLABluminance ( fpreal  l)
void UT_Color::setRGB ( UT_Vector3F  c)
void UT_Color::setRGB ( UT_Vector3D  c)
void UT_Color::setRGB ( fpreal  r,
fpreal  g,
fpreal  b 
void UT_Color::setTMI ( fpreal  t,
fpreal  m,
fpreal  i 
void UT_Color::setType ( UT_ColorType  t)
void UT_Color::setUnique ( int64  idx)
void UT_Color::setValue ( fpreal  x,
fpreal  y,
fpreal  z 

Definition at line 129 of file UT_Color.h.

void UT_Color::setXYZ ( fpreal  x,
fpreal  y,
fpreal  z 
void UT_Color::subRGB ( const UT_Color clr)
void UT_Color::tintRGB ( const UT_Color clr)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

UT_API std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  os,
const UT_Color color 

Member Data Documentation

UT_ColorType UT_Color::type

Definition at line 222 of file UT_Color.h.

float UT_Color::u

Definition at line 223 of file UT_Color.h.

float UT_Color::v

Definition at line 224 of file UT_Color.h.

float UT_Color::w

Definition at line 225 of file UT_Color.h.

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