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UsdImagingLightAPIAdapter Class Reference

#include <lightAPIAdapter.h>

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Public Types

using BaseAdapter = UsdImagingAPISchemaAdapter

Public Member Functions

GetImagingSubprimData (UsdPrim const &prim, TfToken const &subprim, TfToken const &appliedInstanceName, const UsdImagingDataSourceStageGlobals &stageGlobals) override
InvalidateImagingSubprim (UsdPrim const &prim, TfToken const &subprim, TfToken const &appliedInstanceName, TfTokenVector const &properties, UsdImagingPropertyInvalidationType invalidationType) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from UsdImagingAPISchemaAdapter
virtual USDIMAGING_API ~UsdImagingAPISchemaAdapter ()
GetImagingSubprims (UsdPrim const &prim, TfToken const &appliedInstanceName)
virtual USDIMAGING_API TfToken GetImagingSubprimType (UsdPrim const &prim, TfToken const &subprim, TfToken const &appliedInstanceName)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file lightAPIAdapter.h.

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Member Function Documentation

USDIMAGING_API HdContainerDataSourceHandle UsdImagingLightAPIAdapter::GetImagingSubprimData ( UsdPrim const &  prim,
TfToken const &  subprim,
TfToken const &  appliedInstanceName,
const UsdImagingDataSourceStageGlobals stageGlobals 

Returns an HdContainerDataSourceHandle representing the API schema's contributions to the primary prim (empty subprim value) or a specific subprim. The non-null results of the prim adapter and each applied API schema adapter are overlaid (in application order).

Ideally, data sources within this container are lazily evaluated to avoid doing work until some consumes the data.

Reimplemented from UsdImagingAPISchemaAdapter.

USDIMAGING_API HdDataSourceLocatorSet UsdImagingLightAPIAdapter::InvalidateImagingSubprim ( UsdPrim const &  prim,
TfToken const &  subprim,
TfToken const &  appliedInstanceName,
TfTokenVector const &  properties,
UsdImagingPropertyInvalidationType  invalidationType 

Given the names of USD properties which have changed, an adapter may provide a HdDataSourceLocatorSet describing which data sources should be flagged as dirty.

Reimplemented from UsdImagingAPISchemaAdapter.

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