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UsdPrimTypeInfo Class Reference

#include <primTypeInfo.h>

Public Member Functions

const TfTokenGetTypeName () const
 Returns the concrete prim type name. More...
const TfTokenVectorGetAppliedAPISchemas () const
const TfTypeGetSchemaType () const
const TfTokenGetSchemaTypeName () const
const UsdPrimDefinitionGetPrimDefinition () const
bool operator== (const UsdPrimTypeInfo &other) const
bool operator!= (const UsdPrimTypeInfo &other) const

Static Public Member Functions

static USD_API const
GetEmptyPrimType ()
 Returns the empty prim type info. More...


class Usd_PrimTypeInfoCache

Detailed Description

Class that holds the full type information for a prim. It holds the type name, applied API schema names, and possibly a mapped schema type name which represent a unique full type. The info this holds is used to cache and provide the "real" schema type for the prim's type name regardless of whether it is a recognized prim type or not. The optional "mapped schema type name" is used to obtain a valid schema type for an unrecognized prim type name if the stage provides a fallback type for the unrecognized type. This class also provides access to the prim definition that defines all the built-in properties and metadata of a prim of this type.

Definition at line 47 of file primTypeInfo.h.

Member Function Documentation

const TfTokenVector& UsdPrimTypeInfo::GetAppliedAPISchemas ( ) const

Returns the list of applied API schemas, directly authored on the prim, that impart additional properties on its prim definition. This does NOT include the applied API schemas that may be defined in the conrete prim type's prim definition..

Definition at line 57 of file primTypeInfo.h.

static USD_API const UsdPrimTypeInfo& UsdPrimTypeInfo::GetEmptyPrimType ( )

Returns the empty prim type info.

const UsdPrimDefinition& UsdPrimTypeInfo::GetPrimDefinition ( ) const

Returns the prim definition associated with this prim type's schema type and applied API schemas.

Definition at line 82 of file primTypeInfo.h.

const TfType& UsdPrimTypeInfo::GetSchemaType ( ) const

Returns the TfType of the actual concrete schema that prims of this type will use to create their prim definition. Typically, this will be the type registered in the schema registry for the concrete prim type returned by GetTypeName. But if the stage provided this type info with a fallback type because the prim type name is not a recognized schema, this will return the provided fallback schema type instead.

See Also

Definition at line 69 of file primTypeInfo.h.

const TfToken& UsdPrimTypeInfo::GetSchemaTypeName ( ) const

Returns the type name associated with the schema type returned from GetSchemaType. This will always be equivalent to calling UsdSchemaRegistry::GetConcreteSchemaTypeName on the type returned by GetSchemaType and will typically be the same as GetTypeName as long as the prim type name is a recognized prim type.

See Also

Definition at line 78 of file primTypeInfo.h.

const TfToken& UsdPrimTypeInfo::GetTypeName ( ) const

Returns the concrete prim type name.

Definition at line 51 of file primTypeInfo.h.

bool UsdPrimTypeInfo::operator!= ( const UsdPrimTypeInfo other) const

Definition at line 100 of file primTypeInfo.h.

bool UsdPrimTypeInfo::operator== ( const UsdPrimTypeInfo other) const

Definition at line 94 of file primTypeInfo.h.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Usd_PrimTypeInfoCache

Definition at line 113 of file primTypeInfo.h.

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