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util Directory Reference
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file  CpuTimer.h [code]
file  ExplicitInstantiation.h [code]
file  Formats.h [code]
 Utility routines to output nicely-formatted numeric values.
file  logging.h [code]
file  MapsUtil.h [code]
file  Name.h [code]
file  NodeMasks.h [code]
file  NullInterrupter.h [code]
file  PagedArray.h [code]
 Concurrent, page-based, dynamically-sized linear data structure with O(1) random access and STL-compliant iterators. It is primarily intended for applications that involve multi-threading push_back of (a possibly unkown number of) elements into a dynamically growing linear array, and fast random access to said elements.
file  Util.h [code]