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HdMaterialRelationship Struct Reference

#include <material.h>

Public Attributes

SdfPath inputId
TfToken inputName
SdfPath outputId
TfToken outputName

Detailed Description

Describes a connection between two nodes in a material.

A brief discussion of terminology follows:

  • Shading nodes have inputs and outputs.
  • Shading nodes consume input values and produce output values.
  • Connections also have inputs and outputs.
  • Connections consume a value from the (inputId, inputName) and pass that value to the (outputId, outputName).

Note that a connection's input is considered an output on the upstream shading node, and the connection's output is an input on the downstream shading node.

A guideline to remember this terminology is that inputs are always upstream of outputs in the dataflow.

Definition at line 82 of file material.h.

Member Data Documentation

SdfPath HdMaterialRelationship::inputId

Definition at line 84 of file material.h.

TfToken HdMaterialRelationship::inputName

Definition at line 85 of file material.h.

SdfPath HdMaterialRelationship::outputId

Definition at line 86 of file material.h.

TfToken HdMaterialRelationship::outputName

Definition at line 87 of file material.h.

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