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HgiBufferToTextureOp Struct Reference

#include <blitCmdsOps.h>

Public Member Functions

 HgiBufferToTextureOp ()

Public Attributes

HgiBufferHandle gpuSourceBuffer
size_t sourceByteOffset
HgiTextureHandle gpuDestinationTexture
GfVec3i destinationTexelOffset
uint32_t mipLevel
size_t byteSize

Detailed Description

Describes the properties needed to copy GPU buffer data into a GPU texture.

It is the responsibility of the caller to:

  • ensure the destination textures is large enough to receive the data.
  • ensure the source buffer and destination texture are valid at the time the command is executed.
  • gpuSourceBuffer: The gpu buffer to copy data from.
  • sourceByteOffset: The byte offset in source buffer to start copying the data from.
  • gpuDestinationTexture: The GPU texture to upload the data into.
  • destinationTexelOffset: The texel offset (width, height, depth) of where to upload the data. If the texture is a 2d_array the third element is the layer/slice.
  • mipLevel: Mip level to upload into.
  • byteSize: Size of the data (in bytes) to copy

Definition at line 314 of file blitCmdsOps.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HgiBufferToTextureOp::HgiBufferToTextureOp ( )

Definition at line 316 of file blitCmdsOps.h.

Member Data Documentation

size_t HgiBufferToTextureOp::byteSize

Definition at line 330 of file blitCmdsOps.h.

GfVec3i HgiBufferToTextureOp::destinationTexelOffset

Definition at line 328 of file blitCmdsOps.h.

HgiTextureHandle HgiBufferToTextureOp::gpuDestinationTexture

Definition at line 327 of file blitCmdsOps.h.

HgiBufferHandle HgiBufferToTextureOp::gpuSourceBuffer

Definition at line 325 of file blitCmdsOps.h.

uint32_t HgiBufferToTextureOp::mipLevel

Definition at line 329 of file blitCmdsOps.h.

size_t HgiBufferToTextureOp::sourceByteOffset

Definition at line 326 of file blitCmdsOps.h.

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