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HgiSamplerDesc Struct Reference

#include <sampler.h>

Public Member Functions

 HgiSamplerDesc ()

Public Attributes

std::string debugName
HgiSamplerFilter magFilter
HgiSamplerFilter minFilter
HgiMipFilter mipFilter
HgiSamplerAddressMode addressModeU
HgiSamplerAddressMode addressModeV
HgiSamplerAddressMode addressModeW

Detailed Description

Describes the properties needed to create a GPU sampler.

  • debugName: This label can be applied as debug label for GPU debugging.
  • magFilter: The (magnification) filter used to combine pixels when the sample area is smaller than a pixel.
  • minFilter: The (minification) filter used to combine pixels when the sample area is larger than a pixel.
  • mipFilter: The filter used for combining pixels between two mipmap levels.
  • addressMode***: Wrapping modes.

Definition at line 58 of file sampler.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HgiSamplerDesc::HgiSamplerDesc ( )

Definition at line 60 of file sampler.h.

Member Data Documentation

HgiSamplerAddressMode HgiSamplerDesc::addressModeU

Definition at line 73 of file sampler.h.

HgiSamplerAddressMode HgiSamplerDesc::addressModeV

Definition at line 74 of file sampler.h.

HgiSamplerAddressMode HgiSamplerDesc::addressModeW

Definition at line 75 of file sampler.h.

std::string HgiSamplerDesc::debugName

Definition at line 69 of file sampler.h.

HgiSamplerFilter HgiSamplerDesc::magFilter

Definition at line 70 of file sampler.h.

HgiSamplerFilter HgiSamplerDesc::minFilter

Definition at line 71 of file sampler.h.

HgiMipFilter HgiSamplerDesc::mipFilter

Definition at line 72 of file sampler.h.

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