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MC_MocapStreamCookParms Struct Reference

#include <MC_MocapStreamImpl.h>

Public Attributes

UT_StringHolder myNodePath
UT_StringHolder myActorPattern
UT_StringHolder myConfigAttrib
UT_StringHolder myFacialAttribs
bool myDoConvertUnits = false
bool myDoConvertUpAxis = false

Detailed Description

A structure for passing the values of the MocapStream SOPs parameters and node path to the MocapStream devices. MC_MocapStreamImpl::updateJoints(...) receives the current value of these parameters as well as the value of these parameters the last time the joints were updated for that node.

mocapstream/MocapStreamRokokoHDK.C, and mocapstream/MocapStreamRokokoHDK.h.

Definition at line 42 of file MC_MocapStreamImpl.h.

Member Data Documentation

UT_StringHolder MC_MocapStreamCookParms::myActorPattern

Definition at line 45 of file MC_MocapStreamImpl.h.

UT_StringHolder MC_MocapStreamCookParms::myConfigAttrib

Definition at line 46 of file MC_MocapStreamImpl.h.

bool MC_MocapStreamCookParms::myDoConvertUnits = false

Definition at line 48 of file MC_MocapStreamImpl.h.

bool MC_MocapStreamCookParms::myDoConvertUpAxis = false

Definition at line 49 of file MC_MocapStreamImpl.h.

UT_StringHolder MC_MocapStreamCookParms::myFacialAttribs

Definition at line 47 of file MC_MocapStreamImpl.h.

UT_StringHolder MC_MocapStreamCookParms::myNodePath

Definition at line 44 of file MC_MocapStreamImpl.h.

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