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NdrNodeDiscoveryResult Struct Reference

#include <nodeDiscoveryResult.h>

Public Member Functions

 NdrNodeDiscoveryResult (const NdrIdentifier &identifier, const NdrVersion &version, const std::string &name, const TfToken &family, const TfToken &discoveryType, const TfToken &sourceType, const std::string &uri, const std::string &resolvedUri, const std::string &sourceCode=std::string(), const NdrTokenMap &metadata=NdrTokenMap(), const std::string &blindData=std::string(), const TfToken &subIdentifier=TfToken())
 Constructor. More...

Public Attributes

NdrIdentifier identifier
NdrVersion version
std::string name
TfToken family
TfToken discoveryType
TfToken sourceType
std::string uri
std::string resolvedUri
std::string sourceCode
NdrTokenMap metadata
std::string blindData
TfToken subIdentifier

Detailed Description

Represents the raw data of a node, and some other bits of metadata, that were determined via a NdrDiscoveryPlugin.

Definition at line 34 of file nodeDiscoveryResult.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

NdrNodeDiscoveryResult::NdrNodeDiscoveryResult ( const NdrIdentifier identifier,
const NdrVersion version,
const std::string name,
const TfToken family,
const TfToken discoveryType,
const TfToken sourceType,
const std::string uri,
const std::string resolvedUri,
const std::string sourceCode = std::string(),
const NdrTokenMap metadata = NdrTokenMap(),
const std::string blindData = std::string(),
const TfToken subIdentifier = TfToken() 


Definition at line 36 of file nodeDiscoveryResult.h.

Member Data Documentation

std::string NdrNodeDiscoveryResult::blindData

An optional detail for the parser plugin. The parser plugin defines the meaning of this data so the discovery plugin must be written to match.

Definition at line 137 of file nodeDiscoveryResult.h.

TfToken NdrNodeDiscoveryResult::discoveryType

The node's discovery type.

The type could be the file extension, or some other type of metadata that can signify a type prior to parsing. See the documentation for NdrParserPlugin and NdrParserPlugin::DiscoveryTypes for more information on how this value is used.

Definition at line 97 of file nodeDiscoveryResult.h.

TfToken NdrNodeDiscoveryResult::family

The node's family.

A node's family is an optional piece of metadata that specifies a generic grouping of nodes. E.g a node with identifier "mix_float_2_1" might have family "mix".

Definition at line 89 of file nodeDiscoveryResult.h.

NdrIdentifier NdrNodeDiscoveryResult::identifier

The node's identifier.

How the node is identified. In many cases this will be the name of the file or resource that this node originated from. E.g. "mix_float_2_1". The identifier must be unique for a given sourceType.

Definition at line 69 of file nodeDiscoveryResult.h.

NdrTokenMap NdrNodeDiscoveryResult::metadata

The node's metadata collected during the discovery process.

Additional metadata may be present in the node's source, in the asset pointed to by resolvedUri or in sourceCode (if resolvedUri is empty). In general, parsers should override this data with metadata from the shader source.

Definition at line 132 of file nodeDiscoveryResult.h.

std::string NdrNodeDiscoveryResult::name

The node's name.

A version independent identifier for the node type. This will often embed type parameterization but should not embed the version. E.g a node with identifier "mix_float_2_1" might have name "mix_float".

Definition at line 82 of file nodeDiscoveryResult.h.

std::string NdrNodeDiscoveryResult::resolvedUri

The node's fully-resolved URI.

For example, this might be an absolute path when the original URI was a relative path. In most cases, this is the path that Ar's Resolve() returns. In any case, this path should be locally accessible.

Definition at line 118 of file nodeDiscoveryResult.h.

std::string NdrNodeDiscoveryResult::sourceCode

The node's entire source code.

The source code is parsed (if non-empty) by parser plugins when the resolvedUri value is empty.

Definition at line 124 of file nodeDiscoveryResult.h.

TfToken NdrNodeDiscoveryResult::sourceType

The node's source type.

This type is unique to the parsing plugin (NdrParserPlugin::SourceType), and determines the source of the node. See NdrNode::GetSourceType() for more information.

Definition at line 104 of file nodeDiscoveryResult.h.

TfToken NdrNodeDiscoveryResult::subIdentifier

The subIdentifier is associated with a particular asset and refers to a specific definition within the asset. The asset is the one referred to by NdrRegistry::GetNodeFromAsset(). The subIdentifier is not needed for all cases where the node definition is not associated with an asset. Even if the node definition is associated with an asset, the subIdentifier is only needed if the asset specifies multiple definitions rather than a single definition.

Definition at line 146 of file nodeDiscoveryResult.h.

std::string NdrNodeDiscoveryResult::uri

The node's origin.

This may be a filesystem path, a URL pointing to a resource in the cloud, or some other type of resource identifier.

Definition at line 110 of file nodeDiscoveryResult.h.

NdrVersion NdrNodeDiscoveryResult::version

The node's version. This may or may not be embedded in the identifier, it's up to implementations. E.g a node with identifier "mix_float_2_1" might have version 2.1.

Definition at line 74 of file nodeDiscoveryResult.h.

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