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UsdGeomXformCommonAPI::Ops Struct Reference

#include <xformCommonAPI.h>

Public Attributes

UsdGeomXformOp translateOp
UsdGeomXformOp pivotOp
UsdGeomXformOp rotateOp
UsdGeomXformOp scaleOp
UsdGeomXformOp inversePivotOp

Detailed Description

Return type for CreateXformOps(). Stores the op of each type that is present on the prim. The order of members in this struct corresponds to the expected op order for XformCommonAPI.

Definition at line 194 of file xformCommonAPI.h.

Member Data Documentation

UsdGeomXformOp UsdGeomXformCommonAPI::Ops::inversePivotOp

Definition at line 199 of file xformCommonAPI.h.

UsdGeomXformOp UsdGeomXformCommonAPI::Ops::pivotOp

Definition at line 196 of file xformCommonAPI.h.

UsdGeomXformOp UsdGeomXformCommonAPI::Ops::rotateOp

Definition at line 197 of file xformCommonAPI.h.

UsdGeomXformOp UsdGeomXformCommonAPI::Ops::scaleOp

Definition at line 198 of file xformCommonAPI.h.

UsdGeomXformOp UsdGeomXformCommonAPI::Ops::translateOp

Definition at line 195 of file xformCommonAPI.h.

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