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Formation Crowd Example example file

Crowd example showing a changing formation setup

Example for

Crowd Solver


The setup creates an army of agents. There are two paths created. Middle part of the army starts moving and then splits into two formations. One goes to the left, the other groups keeps marching forward and slowly changes formation to a wedge shape.

To keep the agents in formation a custom geo shape is used. It’s points are used as goals for indiviudal agents. Using blendshapes the shape can change allowing for different formation changes. Dive inside the crowdsource object to see the construction.


The animation clips need to be baked out before playing the scene. This should happen automatically if example is created from Crowds shelf. Otherwise save scene file to a location of your choice and click Render on '/obj/bake_cycles' ropnet to write out the files. The default path for the files is ${HIP}/agents.

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