Houdini 18.5 Import and export

Import and export GLTF

How to import and export GLTF files to and from Houdini.

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Use the following nodes to import or export GLTF data:

GLTF Hierarchy Object

Imports a GLTF file as a hierarchy of Object nodes.


Imports geometry from a GLTF file at the SOP level.


Saves geometry at the SOP level to a GLTF file.

GLTF render node

Exports the scene, an Object, or a SOP to a GLTF file.

Controlling alpha blending

To specify the blend mode for the alpha channel in an exported material, you must add extra render properties to the material.

  1. Select the Principled Shader VOP node in your material.

  2. In the parameter editor, open the Gear menu and choose Edit Rendering Parameters.

  3. In the Render Properties tree, find the Material Options folder, and inside that, the glTF folder.

  4. Drag the glTF AlphaMode and glTF AlphaCutoff properties from the glTF folder into the node’s Existing Parameters tree.

  5. Click Apply.

You can then use the new parameters to control how alpha blending will work when you export the material to GLTF.

Import and export