Houdini 20.0 Shelf tools

Fireworks shelf tool

Emits multi-colored particles from a point, which simulates fireworks.

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This tool is a ready-made effect simulating fireworks.

Placing Fireworks

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Place Fireworks anywhere in the scene

  1. Click the Fireworks tool on the Particles tab.

  2. Move the cursor into the scene view.


    You can hold Alt to detach the particles from the construction plane.

  3. Click LMB to place the particle system anywhere in the scene view and press Enter to confirm your selection.

    If you press Enter without clicking, Houdini places the Fireworks emitter at the origin.

  4. Click play to see the particles.

Place Fireworks at the origin

Press ⌃ Ctrl + LMB on the Fireworks tool on the shelf.

For specific parameter help, see the Fireworks node help.

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