Houdini 19.0 Shelf tools

Embed highres object shelf tool

Lets you simulate a low-resolution solid object and apply the results to high-resolution geometry.

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See embedding high-res solids for more information.

This tool works by modifying the geometry networks and changing parameters on the Solid object's Geometry tab.

Embedding high resolution geometry

  1. Create the low resolution and high resolution geometry.

    For best results, the high resolution geometry should be at or inside the surface of the low resolution geometry.

  2. On the Solid tab, use the Solid Object shelf tool to convert the low resolution geometry to a solid finite element (FEM) object.

  3. Click the Embed Highres Object tool.

  4. Select the Geometry object you want to use as the embedded high resolution geometry, then press Enter.

  5. Select the low resolution solid object, then press Enter.

For parameter help see the Solid Object node help.

Shelf tools

Using the shelf

  • Customize the shelf

    How to change the look of the shelf, change and rearrange its contents, and create your own shelf tools.