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Emit Lava shelf tool

Generates a continuous stream of hot lava from an object.

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This tool will set up a simulation to generate a continuous stream of hot lava from an object. It also applies a lava shader to the result of the simulation. You would typically use this tool to simulate something like a volcanic eruption, or to create a pouring stream of hot lava.


This tool uses a SOP attribute to control the initial temperature of the emitter instead of the Temperature parameter on the FLIP Object.

Using Emit Lava

  1. Create a geometry object to be converted into lava.

  2. Click the Emit Lava tool on the Viscous Fluids tab.

  3. Select a fluid object to emit lava into, if any, and press Enter.

    For specific parameter information, see the FLIP Object and Gas Temperature Update help pages.


  • Turning on the Enable Temperature Diffusion checkbox on the Gas Temperature Update DOP will give you parameters that will allow heat form the hot part of the lava to cause cooler parts of the lava to heat up and melt.

    The Radius parameter will control how wide the blur radius is for the temperature field.

    The Heat/Cold Bias will control how much the current temperature is affected by the hotter/cooler temperatures around it.

  • The Solidify Threshold parameter on the Gas Temperature Update DOP controls the point at which the lava will solidify. This is meant to simulate how lava will go from a fluid to developing a crust and essentially becoming a rock very quickly. The higher this value is, the earlier this state change will occur.

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