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Merge Groom Objects shelf tool

Combines the guides and skin of multiple groom objects.

It is often useful to set up a groom using separate Guide Groom objects, but you usually don’t want to animate or simulate them individually. This tool takes individual grooms from different parts of the character, and merges them together. Once they are merged, you can continue adding nodes to the single stream and not be concerned with the individual grooms anymore.

Guide Deform, Guide Simulate, and Hair Generate can operate on the output of this node, so they only have to be set up once.

This is useful for working separately on different parts of a character. Often different parts have fur of varying directions, lengths, and densities. This tool allows you to merge the separate parts together seamlessly.

For more information, see the Fur Workflow help.

Using Merge Groom Objects

  1. Click the Groom Merge tool on the Hair Utils tab.

  2. Select the groom objects to merge and press Enter to confirm your selection.

For specific parameter help see the Groom Merge node help.


Guide Groom can also take any groom node, including Groom Merge as input.


You can add multiple Hair Generate or Guide Deform nodes after the merge to continue to work on the individual parts.

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