Houdini 19.5 Shelf tools

Create Guides shelf tool

Creates a guide curves from a skin geometry or manipulates the guides of another groom object.

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This tool allows you to create guides for your character. Unlike the Add Fur tool, this tool only creates guides. The Add Fur tool creates guides, generates the fur, and also gives the option of picking an animated skin object where you would also get a Guide Deform.

This tool is useful because most of the time when creating fur, you only work with the guides in order to set up the initial direction and length of the fur. It is also useful to only create guides on certain regions of the character, merge them into one stream, and then perform hair generation for all of them combined.

For more information, see the Fur Workflow help.

Using Create Guides

  1. Click the Create Guides tool on the Hair Utils tab.

  2. Select the skin geometry you want you want to add guides to and press Enter to confirm your selection.


    You can alternatively select an existing groom object.

If you select a skin geometry, the Guide Groom generates guide curves on the geometry.

If you select a groom node, for example another Guide Groom or a Guide Deform, the created Guide Groom can be used to manipulate the object’s guides or its skin attributes.

For specific parameter help see the Guide Groom node help.

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