Houdini 18.5 Shelf tools Hair Utils tab

Hair Card Texture shelf tool

Creates textures to be applied to existing hair cards.

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This tool is typically used after the Generate Hair Cards tool to create textures for the generated hair cards. It creates the materials, a render node, and some default hair strips to use as a starting point.

Each of the four strip regions contains a few hundred strips, and each one is matched to the region that most closely matches the length and width proportions of the hair card. For example, the shorter hairs on the top use the strip on the left, and the longer strips near the bottom use the strip on the right so that there is minimal stretching of the texture.

Using Hair Card Texture

  1. Click the Hair Card Texture tool on the Hair Utils tab.

  2. Select the Hair Card objects to generate textures for and press Enter.


To...Do this

Change the look and shape of the hair strips

Dive inside the Hair Generate node and use the parameters on the hairclump and guideprocess nodes to tweak the frizz, waviness etc.

See the rendered hair with textures

  1. Dive inside the ropnet and select Bake Hair Card Textures.

  2. Press the Render button to generate textures.

  3. Navigate back to the object level to see the hair cards with the textures applied.

Change the color of the hair

  1. Dive inside the materials and select the Hair Shader VOP.

  2. On the Primary Reflection tab, change the Root Color and Tip Color. The Hair Shader will automatically transition the color between the root and the tip.


To see changes in the viewport, you must click the Render button again on the Bake Hair Card Textures node to regenerate the textures. You must also and select Render > Update Textures in the viewport to refresh the scene.

Hair Utils tab