Houdini 19.0 Shelf tools

Flames shelf tool

Creates flames rising from the selected object.



The effect created by this tool in Houdini 12+ and later looks different from the equivalent preset in prior versions of Houdini.

This preset uses a low gas release rate to create persistent flames without an explosion. It has a high heat output so the smoke from the fire rises faster than the flames.

On the Pyro solver node

  • Use the Smoke amount to control the amount of secondary smoke.

  • Use the Shredding controls to rip the streaks apart.

  • Use the Disturbance and Turbulence controls to add detail or change motion. Flames usually need high turbulence.

  • For more detail you can also lower Temperature Diffusion.

  • Use Flame Height to change the height of the flames.

  • For thicker smoke, turn on Create Dense Smoke and lower the Heat Cutoff.

See how to use the pyro tools.


  • If the object has a velocity point attribute (v), the Volume Rasterize Attributes SOP will create a velocity volume for the simulation.

    To add velocity attributes to the object, use the Point Velocity SOP.

  • Use the disturbance and turbulence controls on the Pyro Solver’s Shape tab to add detail or change motion.

  • Use the settings on the object’s Pyro Source and Attribute Noise SOPs to change the emission.

Shelf tools

Using the shelf

  • Customize the shelf

    How to change the look of the shelf, change and rearrange its contents, and create your own shelf tools.