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Full Version: How to set a .aiff sound file play at a particular frame?
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I want to play a sound file(only .aiff works in my Houdini, not others, I don't why) at a specific frame. Let's say my animation has totally 50 frames, and I want the sound play at the frame 25.

Editing this sound file by make the frame 1 to 24 silent is ok. But i hope there is another way to do that. I tried to append a Delay operation to File, but it doesn't work(maybe i did it wrong). Could you give me an answer? roll

Also, if I want to play two sound files at different frame or mix them, what can I do?

Thank you so much! wink
If you use CHOPs, load the file (on Windows you can use .wav too, btw) then use a Copy CHOP and feed in a Pulse chop to the left side of the Copy. Wherever the pulse is, the sound will play! There is a tutorial in the Legacy section that shows how to do this, “chops_intro1.pdf” and you can replace the Trigger with a simple pulse or Constant CHOP.


Peter B
thanks a lot lol
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