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Suppose building an arm with two tubes, and creat two bones, but how to attach or apply the bones to the arm?

Where can I findt the tutorails about this?

Here is the tutorial []

You can also find this tutorial and many others on “Houdini Apprentice” CD2
I cannot find the tutorial in CD2, only a videa about character bones is “Character_overview.rm” in folder “Overview”, but its speed is too fast so i cannot clearly see which procedure is going there..
You've probably overlooked the link to a tutorial in my previous post.
I've edited it. It's the phrase in red.
Sorry about my carelessness wink

The material is very helpful !!!

By the way, when you will post most tutorials materials in your webpage? oops I am looking forwards to it.
Also, you may want to take a look at the User Guide and tutorials from the help menu within Houdini. Along with the Hoodnik rigging tutorial is a chapter on understanding bones and kinematics that may be useful to you.
And, how to define which kind of bone should put in which part of body?

I know that the FK solver is for the main body and head, the Inverse Kinematics is for the legs and feet, Forward Kinematics is for shoulders and arms and hands. Is it always the case? and the drawing direction of the bones matters?
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