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In the PDF manuals for Houdini Apprentice 5.5, there are numerous references to example .hip files located in the folder $HFS/demo. However that directory does not exist in my install. I'm not referring to the User guide-tutorial files which can be downloaded from this site.

As a new user going through the pdf files under the help menu, in attempt to learn the operators, I'd love to disect those examples to better understand the operators. I'm hoping that since they are mentioned so frequently in the pdf's , leaving them out was just oversight and they will soon be be made available on the site like the tutorial files are.

On the other side of the coin, I'm greatful for the oppertunity to learn this great software.
The demo files were not included with 5.5 because many of them are out of date and require reworking to make them 5.5 compatible. Several of them became sample files on the Learn CD and the goal is for others to follow as either tutorials or samples on the community web page.

Because this directory is very big (over 350 Mb) and it has not been fully reviewed for compatability with Version 5.5, the files will not be available as a single download from the site. Instead they will move to the community as they are updated and/or into the Version 6.0 docs as written examples.

If there are any particular sample files that interest you, let me know and I will see if we can get those files uploaded more quickly.

Robert Magee
Customer Experience Specialist
Side Effects Software Inc.
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