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Are there any books written about Houdini? And I don't mean Harry? If not, are there any plans to write any?

Unfortunately not, although the Renderman Companion books are fantastic technical resources for learning many secrets behind shader-writing.

That's too bad. Although I can see what a good program Houdini is, I am finding basic workflow a little difficult. I am still struggling to figure out the nuances of objects verses geometry, turning flags on and off, and so forth. I've downloaded tons of video tutorials and PDFs but most seem to deal with issues that are further into the workflow process than the basics. Maybe Jason Buzby will put out a basic VTM that will help. When I jump back into Maya, it just seems so much more intuitive. I know it wasn't at first and everything takes time to get used to.

Any suggestions for learning the basics of modelling, texturing, lighting, and rendering?

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