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I've just installed the Apprentice Edition (well, a week or so ago) and am working through the tutorials on the second CD…

One thing that I have noticed that is very much different is that, when I'm using it, things don't change in my viewport when I'm editing attributes using the slider ladder.

For things like PolyExtrude, this can get very frustrating, as I have to make a change, let go, look at where it is, and then tweak it again.

Is there an option somewhere that I can turn on to enable this?

Hi Hugh,

Notice in the top right corner of the Houdini window, there are two buttons highlighted in yellow?

Please click on the "Changes“ button and switch it to ”Always".

Ack…. I did know about that… I've seen it mentioned in at least two videos…

Apologies for the question ;-) And thanks for answering it!
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