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Full Version: Can ATI RADEON 9700 Series support Houdini?? Help!!
Root » Houdini Lounge » Can ATI RADEON 9700 Series support Houdini?? Help!!
Plz help.

I bought a graphics card -ATI RADEON 9700 Series, but it seems not working well… can it supports Houdini?

If not, what can I do??

You'd be better off with any GeForse3 card than than with Radeon!!!!!!!
ATI provides decent OGL support only with their workstations cards.
something weird!

I tried Houdini, the computer will be frozen when i try some particular section in houdini, eg. when I want to change from Object view pane to Output pane. But, if i unlink the object view pane, change from Network pane to Output pane, it is ok. Also, when I try to use the Training desktop and Animation desktop, the houdini is frozen. But, it is ok for VOPs desktop….

It is killing me!! what is going on??

I am using Houdini 5.5.52. My grahpics card is RADEON 9700 Series, Motherboard is IWILL DP400 Motherboard.

Can anyone tell me why this happen? what causes problem?
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