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I sort of know the answer to this but wanted to get a thread going for others that may have the same question:

With the “tied to a user” model, how are multi-user setups going to use this? Studio, school etc where tying to a single user doesn't work.


Peter B
Licensing for assets is purely local
- it does not checkout any Houdini licenses
- it does not ping SESI servers
-it can be safely run inside any studio, including on render farms.

Licensing is tied to an individual user.
The work flow for studio is to have one user (admin) per studio, who's asset library can be shared among everyone.

How to render assets on a farm.
Currently, the admin must copy the $home/asset-store folder to all machines that need to render with the admin asset library.

There should only be one account in this folder.

-If there are more than one accounts, only one can be used at a time on any given machine.
- Houdini will remember which user's Library was last used.
-One users asset library, can be shared with a whole company, if set up this way.

Moving forward, we are considering something like this

copy asset to shared drive,
Set search path .
Have entire network set to use same asset lib (if there is more than one).
A quick update, we've added an environment variable ‘HOUDINI_ASSET_STORE_PATH’ that lets you override where the asset store files are kept. This should help with rendering assets on the farm. By default otls/hips/licenses are stored in the following locations.

Username/My Documents/houdini12.5/asset_store/user/otls



To use the variable, copy ‘asset_store’ folder and it's contents to location of your choice on the network and set the path in ‘HOUDINI_ASSET_STORE_PATH.

If needed the default user can be changed in ’../asset_store/users.json' .
Cool, will have to test when I get back to work
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