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(This thread is inactive. It is superseded by this one: []

This is where we will document changes to the Orbolt site that affect authors and customers.

Hopefully we'll have a more integrated solution similar to the Houdini Journal in the near future, but for now this thread should keep you up to date.
Wed Aug 15 13:42:31 EDT 2012 - Adding support for uploading VOP assets.

I know a few of you have been waiting for VOP asset support. Uploading should work fine now, so try it out and let us know if you have any issues (not in this thread, preferably ).
Tue Aug 21 15:33:38 EDT 2012 - Fixed a problem with an old build of Houdini 12.1 on the server that was preventing asset uploads.

Some of you might have hit an error uploading recently. We caught the bug and everything should work as usual. Let us know if you still have trouble uploading.
Please upgrade to Houdini 12.1.65 or higher.

This build fixes a bug with the following scenario:
- You install the trial of asset A. It depends on asset B so Houdini
downloads the trial of asset B.
- You install the commercial version of asset A. The Orbolt store
will also give you the commercial version of asset B. However,
Houdini won't download the commercial version of asset B because it
believes that asset B is already installed (becaues the trial version
is installed)

For those of you on Linux, there is also a fix for a problem where VOP nodes would fail and Mantra would not start when launching example files from the Orbolt store.
Updates to the Orbolt Smart 3D Asset store, Nov 8th.

Yes we've updated the server to roll in some new features: Version history, enhanced uploads, and copy-protection for free assets.

Version History:
Now when you upload or update an asset, you can new describe what changes you have made since the last version. This information is visible every Asset's page in the Orbolt Asset store, and will soon be available inside Houdini when you're prompted to update an asset.

Copy Protection for Free Assets:

Authors are now able to copy-protect free assets, should they desire. Until now, only paid assets could be copy-protected. Now, you can still give your asset away for free but hide how it works.

Upload Enhancements:
The upload page has been redesigned and streamlined to make it easier to upload assets. Managing icons has been simplified, especially when the otl file contains an icon that is different from the previous version's icon.
Here are some updates which were applied Nov23rd:

Change to display how much time is left in the trial of an asset.

Change to simplify icon management, particularly when an embedded icon in the uploaded otl file is different from a previously-uploaded version of the asset.

Change to blog area to support images.
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