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Full Version: GLSL shaders on store?
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Hi, I was wondering if GLSL shaders are an option for the store? and if so, would it be on sidefx radar to make a few for download?

I feel it would be a great thing to do especially with the new 3.2 viewport
I've logged an RFE (#50668) for this. I'm not sure of its viability but we'll let you know.
According to our developers, you can create a GLSL SHOP, which can be embedded into an OTL. There are no library dependencies (only OGL 2.1 / 3.2 support). I hope that makes sense.

I don't think we have any to upload at the moment, but if you have anymore questions send them our way.
That is great to hear!

It would be nice for sidefx to populate the orbolt store with some examples of GLSL shaders that do things such as overlay textures, subsurface scattering, anisotropic shading, sampling of point data, etc. This would serve several purposes:

- Give people examples on how to go about setting up GLSL shaders
- Give artists who are NOT shader code saavy (like me) a means to do realtime rendering of their assets
- Show off the power of your new 3.2 GL viewport. I think it is awesome what it can do, but it is not as accessible as mantra shaders due to the fact that there is no node based way of creating these

Anywho, mostly speaking out loud hope to see a growth of assets in this area as well!
A bit more info came in:

“If you create a new GLSL SHOP type via File>New Operator Type, you'll get
the default shader code for both the GL2 and GL3 viewports. However, these
are surface shaders, so the effects you can do are pretty limited. Most of
the cool looking demo effects are multipass which assets can't do (you
would need a C++ render hook to do them).”

I'm asking around to see if anyone has an example we can post.

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