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Full Version: I can't install new assets anymore
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I can't install new assets anymore.

When I try to, I get this error in the console:
ERROR: Couldn't open “orbolt_url12.5.401/orbolt_url.ui” for reading: No such file or directory

And an error dialog is popping up:
Couldn't open “orbolt_url12.5.401/orbolt_url.ui”
This probably means that your environment is not set up properly. If you have more than one version of houdini installed make sure that your system environment does not contain any houdini variables (such as HFS, HH). Also make sure that when installing Houdini you select the ‘Set Up Environment’ option. If you are not sure, you can run hsetup.exe and choose to install only this option.

I have 12.5.401 and 12.1.247 installed. Because one of them is non-commercial, I have different orbolt logins for them to prevent problems with orbolt licenses. These error happen with both logins and both houdini versions.

I checked the environment variables - no entry of HFS or HH, so everything is fine.

But what is hsetup.exe? I neither can find it inside the houdini program folder, nor can I see the “set up environment”-option when I execute the houdini installer exe.
I'm sorry to hear about your issues.

Having multiple logins should not cause problems. Can you try shutting down the 12.5 version and renaming your asset_store folder to something like asset_store_backup? Depending on which OS you're on, it should be one paths below. Once you restart Houdini see if you can login with your username and it should redownload all the assets that you've had. Let me know if this works for you.

Username/My Documents/houdini12.5/asset_store/user/otls



I already deleted the user folders with no effect.

But your advice made me to try it again. This time I deleted them both at the same time before starting one of the houdini versions. That did it.

Thanks a lot!

To be blunt I never thought it would be such a fiddle to just download an otl and use it , seems to me like the whole work flow is over engineered.
Thanks alot for sharing such a great info with us
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